leadership a peoplebusiness

Leadership is a people business. Do not get into leadership without knowing that first.

  1. My boss is a idiot
  2. My middle manager a idiot
  3. but my shift leader is great

Leader is not about the title, its not about the position its people who give leadership and guidance. People who impact your life and help you grow are leaders.

JJ watt of the Houston Texans can direct a football team but he is just a player. He adds value, and is trusted.He stands out not because position but of the value he brings.

Some of the most valuable people in a company aren’t managers. It’s about their quality of life, make sure you are providing and growing quality relationships.

To be an effective leader you must KNOW people. Positive Mindset, giving value, respecting people and people will treat you as a leader.

“I just want people to do the work.” It doesn’t work that way. People must feel valued and what they do matters.

Some times its about recognition. Many people are mad at millennials for wanting recognition. The old methods of working non stop without a after thought about employee wanting to understand why they are working this hard and without a reason and recognition are over. Embrace the way you must semi care or know a little about employees to make your leadership effective.

Simple surveys and giving a choice. When people feel there is a choice they get FOCUSED. People bust their butt when they get a choice.

Leadership is about people you have to be involved and connect with them.


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