find some life changers.

Find some life changers.

When I moved to Austin and many places before as a military kid.  I look for people who are good,wholesome, I respect, kind and make me a BETTER ME.

You can not live up to a standard if you do not know what the standard is.  You can not be a better person if you aren’t around superstars.


Whether its friends, co workers, industry leaders of sales or real estate, MLM company leaders, direct sales, etc

Write down 10 to 100 people that IF you reached out to your life would change.

Not 50 cent, Mariah Carrey, Drake someone far and distant. Not that you can not reach them, its possible in this day and age of the internet and enough phone calls.

People that are touchable, close and you can see the backstory, can see who they are when things aren’t going well. See how they treat their family and friends. What spills over the cup in their life when they get angry.

Look for people in the places in life you want to be. 

Find time to do life with them, lunches, brunches, happy hours, phone calls and actual face to face conversations.

learn what is is healthy ?

learn what is normal ? (for people in your industry)

This is how you become better.

You cant see a different way to live if you do not go outside your comfort zone

You want to find people in your industry KILLING it.

If you are in Texas find people who are KILLING it

in sales

in real estate

in life.

I have a friend who knocked on 10,000 doors in Dallas and he inspires me to this day, that is true TOUGHNESS.


1. Find you some life changers this week

2. If you find some people you look up and admire

3. top 5 people around you is who you become

4. new friends mingle with old


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