How to get friends and family to support you in business?

How to get friends and family to support you in business?

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How to get friends and family to support you in business?
Action and actual change in you.
when people talk to you are you doing different things, talking to different people and talking different?

the only change in you within a 5 year period will be the books you read and the people you interact with.

I believe some people refuse to read so it does take longer.
learning to ask the right questions helps..
watching youtube videos about book reviews and business opportunities help.

You children, spouse and family watches you more than you know.

they are looking to you for leadership. I know people now calling it hating, but really they are hoping someone stands up and shows them the way to go.

posting to Facebook motivational quotes do not matter. results matter.

phone calls matter. having a plan and you actually complete it matters.

filling up your planner and schedule with personal visits, working with clients and looking for business means NO results.



over a two year period people will watch you and want to learn from you. 

same goes for diets, workouts, going on vacations.etc.

what are you doing daily, what are you doing weekly, what are you doing monthly, so that your year actually reflects what you say you do. 

Change happens from the inside out. People see change in about 3-4 months. You want people to be support get into a 6 month tunnel of ACTION, READING and MEETING others on similar life journey. 

be in business, work daily, get results. THAT’S how you get support. 


Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.

Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.



Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.

I went on a cruise this past week. It was great. Belize, Honduras, Conzumel and Costa Maya.

I watched people get off the cruise boat and as a little rain fell, they turned around back to the boat.

As it stopped raining and HEATING up some more people turned around back to the boat.

The boat was a AC filled haven of safety. Where meals were predictable and environment stable. That is the problem people CAME all way from AMERICA to see other countries, places, food, people and climates only to give up.

Do not be that person giving up because of a hiccup in the road.

you are stronger than that, better than that and the reward is coming.

Its sad to watch people on Youtube, Facebook and on BLOGS giving up when they are not famous in 3 months. Gary vaynerchuck did a VLOG for 18 months until he hit it big.

Elliot hulse built his blog for 5 years before hitting it big. there must be work put in, there will be rain and things that suck. YOU must keep going.

BUILDING A brand or a BUSINESS will not be a walk  in the park, more like a mountain climb or a marathon. It certainly will take more than 3 MONTHS.

the MIDDLE is messy, but its also where the “MAGIC happens”. @brenebrown ‪#‎risingstrong‬

In business and life in order to see the GREAT stuff you must put up with a few hiccups.