Find Some Life Changers.

Find Some Life Changers.

find some life changers.

Find some life changers.

When I moved to Austin and many places before as a military kid.  I look for people who are good,wholesome, I respect, kind and make me a BETTER ME.

You can not live up to a standard if you do not know what the standard is.  You can not be a better person if you aren’t around superstars.


Whether its friends, co workers, industry leaders of sales or real estate, MLM company leaders, direct sales, etc

Write down 10 to 100 people that IF you reached out to your life would change.

Not 50 cent, Mariah Carrey, Drake someone far and distant. Not that you can not reach them, its possible in this day and age of the internet and enough phone calls.

People that are touchable, close and you can see the backstory, can see who they are when things aren’t going well. See how they treat their family and friends. What spills over the cup in their life when they get angry.

Look for people in the places in life you want to be. 

Find time to do life with them, lunches, brunches, happy hours, phone calls and actual face to face conversations.

learn what is is healthy ?

learn what is normal ? (for people in your industry)

This is how you become better.

You cant see a different way to live if you do not go outside your comfort zone

You want to find people in your industry KILLING it.

If you are in Texas find people who are KILLING it

in sales

in real estate

in life.

I have a friend who knocked on 10,000 doors in Dallas and he inspires me to this day, that is true TOUGHNESS.


1. Find you some life changers this week

2. If you find some people you look up and admire

3. top 5 people around you is who you become

4. new friends mingle with old


People Follow You.

People Follow You.



Dr Frances Cress Welsing died today and that’s just down right terrible.. cuz she spoke truth… this is one of the truest things she ever said. MENTAL MAP folks you have to speak positive about yourself, your kids, your family and those your involve yourself with. Why? so you and everyone around you can be doing CONSTRUCTIVE activities. the subconscious mind is a powerful thing.

People Follow You

  1. Be positive

speak positive to your children, spouse and extended family. Why? because it breeds the environment in which they can get positive feedback and feel ability to share real emotional.

2. Start something constructive

People and children follow your lead. If you are walking, exercising or eating healthy they will follow. If she or he is reading during lunch break coworkers see it. If she or he is reading at home children or spouse will likely join in. If a parent starts a business and the children or spouse is allowed to help in a way available to them it helps all involved.

I know many uncles who have side mechanic or side construction companies in which extended family, nieces and nephews can observe the opportunity to create your own economy by helping others.

3. Be consistent

People worry about why family members do not join them in business support or workout plans. WHY? because people are creatures of habits and usually return to a comfortable state. if your family sees you stop and starting over and over on projects, positive conversations, healthy living and different issues in your life, they are less like to want to help or be positive.

4. 1% daily change = 365% change over the course of a year. 

IMAGINE if you post one positive Facebook post a day, walk 1 mile everyday, read or listen to a audio book in your car during your morning commute of a 1 hour on average, you eat one healthy meal a day, and spread positive messages of love and encouragement in your home and work place one time a day. The things individually seem small but add it up.

1 hour audio book x 5 days a week=  5 hours x 4 weeks= 20 hours

20 hours of audio books or reading x 12 months= 240 hours a YEAR of education

1 hour a day of walking or group exercise x  7 days a week =7 Hours 

7 Hours x 4 weeks= 28 hours

28 hours x 12 months= 336 hours a year of exercise

1 positive post, 1 encouraging word, 1 healthy meal a day, x 7 days= 7 hours

7 hours of activities  x 4 weeks= 28 hours of activities

28 hours of activity x 12 months= 336 hours of POSITIVE, LIFE CHANGING, FAMILY BONDING, and healthy food. 

1 hour of business activity x 7 days a week= 7  hours 

7 hours x 4 weeks= 28 hours of business growth

28 hours x 12 months= 336 Hours of Business activity or growth towards more income , a better life for your family, more tax write offs, and more connections. 

You have completely CHANGED YOUR LIFE IN ONE YEAR of POSITIVE and constructive LIVING.

240 hours a YEAR of education

336 hours a year of exercise

336 hours of POSITIVE, LIFE CHANGING, FAMILY BONDING, and healthy food. 

336 Hours of Business activity or growth towards more income , a better life for your family, more tax write offs, and more connections. 

Why wouldn’t people FOLLOW YOU, you are healthy, happy, more income and enjoying life now with the gained hours of improvement by 4 hours a day.

How to get friends and family to support you in business?

How to get friends and family to support you in business?

lonely in business

How to get friends and family to support you in business?
Action and actual change in you.
when people talk to you are you doing different things, talking to different people and talking different?

the only change in you within a 5 year period will be the books you read and the people you interact with.

I believe some people refuse to read so it does take longer.
learning to ask the right questions helps..
watching youtube videos about book reviews and business opportunities help.

You children, spouse and family watches you more than you know.

they are looking to you for leadership. I know people now calling it hating, but really they are hoping someone stands up and shows them the way to go.

posting to Facebook motivational quotes do not matter. results matter.

phone calls matter. having a plan and you actually complete it matters.

filling up your planner and schedule with personal visits, working with clients and looking for business means NO results.



over a two year period people will watch you and want to learn from you. 

same goes for diets, workouts, going on vacations.etc.

what are you doing daily, what are you doing weekly, what are you doing monthly, so that your year actually reflects what you say you do. 

Change happens from the inside out. People see change in about 3-4 months. You want people to be support get into a 6 month tunnel of ACTION, READING and MEETING others on similar life journey. 

be in business, work daily, get results. THAT’S how you get support. 

Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.

Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.



Do not give up because of a hiccup in the road.

I went on a cruise this past week. It was great. Belize, Honduras, Conzumel and Costa Maya.

I watched people get off the cruise boat and as a little rain fell, they turned around back to the boat.

As it stopped raining and HEATING up some more people turned around back to the boat.

The boat was a AC filled haven of safety. Where meals were predictable and environment stable. That is the problem people CAME all way from AMERICA to see other countries, places, food, people and climates only to give up.

Do not be that person giving up because of a hiccup in the road.

you are stronger than that, better than that and the reward is coming.

Its sad to watch people on Youtube, Facebook and on BLOGS giving up when they are not famous in 3 months. Gary vaynerchuck did a VLOG for 18 months until he hit it big.

Elliot hulse built his blog for 5 years before hitting it big. there must be work put in, there will be rain and things that suck. YOU must keep going.

BUILDING A brand or a BUSINESS will not be a walk  in the park, more like a mountain climb or a marathon. It certainly will take more than 3 MONTHS.

the MIDDLE is messy, but its also where the “MAGIC happens”. @brenebrown ‪#‎risingstrong‬

In business and life in order to see the GREAT stuff you must put up with a few hiccups.


Leadership is a People Business

Leadership is a People Business

leadership a peoplebusiness

Leadership is a people business. Do not get into leadership without knowing that first.

  1. My boss is a idiot
  2. My middle manager a idiot
  3. but my shift leader is great

Leader is not about the title, its not about the position its people who give leadership and guidance. People who impact your life and help you grow are leaders.

JJ watt of the Houston Texans can direct a football team but he is just a player. He adds value, and is trusted.He stands out not because position but of the value he brings.

Some of the most valuable people in a company aren’t managers. It’s about their quality of life, make sure you are providing and growing quality relationships.

To be an effective leader you must KNOW people. Positive Mindset, giving value, respecting people and people will treat you as a leader.

“I just want people to do the work.” It doesn’t work that way. People must feel valued and what they do matters.

Some times its about recognition. Many people are mad at millennials for wanting recognition. The old methods of working non stop without a after thought about employee wanting to understand why they are working this hard and without a reason and recognition are over. Embrace the way you must semi care or know a little about employees to make your leadership effective.

Simple surveys and giving a choice. When people feel there is a choice they get FOCUSED. People bust their butt when they get a choice.

Leadership is about people you have to be involved and connect with them.